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  • Amenemhet 2 Rule:12th Dynasty: 1926-1887 BC
    Predecessor:Father Senusret 1
    Mother:Queen Neferu
    Nomen:Birth name: Amenemhet: Amun is the foremost
    Praenomen:Throne name: Nebukawre: The soul of Ra is golden
    Consorts:Mereret 1
    Capital City:Crocodilopolis
    Reign:- He took control of a country that was stable and prosperous, and his only military campaign was in Nubia, economic growth in Egypt was at an all time high.
    - He started extensive trading with the Near East. Inscriptions also point to expeditions to the mysterious land of Punt
    - The canal (Bahr Yusuf canal) which leads to the Fayum from the Nile was enlarged to help irrigation.
    This transformation project helped develop the marshlands surrounding Fayum into useable land, a task that many of his successors continued to support.
    - He made little building projects, with the exception of his Pyramid the only important monument of his reign are the fragments of an annual stone found at Memphis
    Burial:- He abandoned the pyramid field at Lisht, where his father and grandfather built, and built his pyramid complex at Dahshur, near the Bent Pyramid and Red Pyramid built by Snefru in the 4th Dynasty.
    - It was built of limestone giving it the name of the 'White Pyramid', but over the centuries all the stone has been robbed away and all that remains is the pyramid core
    - Next to the pyramid were found the tombs of several royal women some of them were found undisturbed and contained golden jewelry
    Successor:Son Senusret 2 out of Queen Mereret 1
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