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  • Amenemhet 3 Rule:12th Dynasty: 1839-1815 BC
    Predecessor:- He had a long co regency of 20 years with his father Senusret 3
    Nomen:Birth name: Amun is the foremost
    Praenomen:Throne name: Nimaatre: Belonging to the justice of Ra
    Capital City:Crocodilopolis
    Reign:- He was to be the most remarkable Pharaoh of that era, economic growth in Egypt was at an all time high,
    He completed the building of the great waterwheels of the Fayum Oasis, thus diverting the flood waters of the Nile into Lake Karun.
    The irrigation system and an overflow canal, was used to drain the marshes.
    An estimated 153,600 acres of fertile land was reclaimed from the water.
    - Amenemhet raised two colossal statues of himself nearby to celebrate this event
    - He began construction of The temple of Medinet Madi in Fayum, which was completed by his son Amenemhet 4. This temple dedicated to the cobra goddess Renenutet and the god Sobek is the only intact temple still existing from the Middle Kingdom
    Burial:- He constructed a pyramidal tomb (The black Pyramid) at Dahshur, but due to major structural problems discovered during construction, the project was abandoned in favor of the Middle kingdom Pyramid at Hawara, while the Dahshur tomb was used for the burials of female royal family members such as queen Aat.
    Successor:- The final few years of Amenemhet's 3 reign were spent in co-rule with his son Amenemhet 4, who succeeded him
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