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  • Mentuhotep 3 Rule:11th Dynasty: 2004-1992 BC
    Predecessor:Father Mentuhotep 2
    Nomen:Birth name: Mentuhotep: Mentu is satisfied
    Praenomen:Throne name: Sankhkare: The one who feeds the soul of Ra
    Capital City:Thebes
    Reign:- After the military reign of his father, Mentuhotep's 3 reign was peaceful.
    - He inherited a prosperous country and consolidated Egypt's borders by building fortresses to prevent any aggressive acts by the Asiatic
    - Most of his focus was on the arts, the carving and statuary from his reign are fine in style and quality.
    His decorations are considered to be the best relief-work in the Middle Kingdom.
    The decline in artisans and fine artwork from the previous kingdom had finally started to turn around with his reign.
    - He ordered an expedition, led by his vizier Henenu, through the Wadi Hammamat to the Red Sea and from there to the legendary land of Punt, from where many exotic products and incense were brought to Egypt.
    - His building work is characterized by architectural innovation, and was mostly rebuilding and adding on to existing shrines, including additions of pylons to his father's mortuary complex, temples in Elephantine, Eklab, Tod, and Armant
    He also built a shrine to Thoth in Deir el-Bahari and a small temple to Horus in Thebes
    Burial:- He began construction in a mortuary temple in Deir el Bahri, but this monument was unfinished and not inscribed.
    - He is buried in a cliff south of his father's tomb at Deir el Bahri
    Successor:Son Mentuhotep 4 out of Queen Imi
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