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  • Nectanebo 2 Rule:30th Dynasty: 360-343 BC
    Predecessor:Uncle Teos
    Nomen:Birth name: Nakhthorhebyt: Strong is his lord Horus
    Praenomen:Throne name: Senedjemibre-Setepeninhur: Pleasing to the heart of Ra, chosen of Osiris
    Capital City:Sebennytus - a city in the Delta
    Reign:- Nectanebo 2 was placed on the Egyptian throne by Spartan king Agesilaus 2, who helped him overthrow his uncle Teos
    - He returned to the old values and stability brought by the gods, and maintained the cult of the sacred animals in Armant and Bubastis

    He was a very active builder, who built and refurbished temples all over Egypt in a classical Egyptian style, there are actually more than a hundred Egyptian sites that show evidence of his work including:

    1. The temple of Apis in the Serapeum
    2. Khnum temple at Elephantine
    3. Building work at the temple at Edfu
    4. A Small temple at Armant
    5. Pylons at Karnak
    6. A chapel for Geb and Isis at Coptos
    7. A new temple for Bastet at Bubastis
    8. Enlargement of the Atum and Re-Horakhty temple at Pithum
    9. Osiris temple at Sebennytus

    After seeing the disastrous encounter with the Persians in his uncle Teos, Nectanebo 2 did not make any more campaigns against them, but the Persians this time attacked Egypt
    - In 343 BC he was defeated by the Persian king Artaxerxes 3, and fled to Nubia, disappearing without trace
    - He was the last native Egyptian Pharaoh, and Egypt was once again reduced to a satrapy of the Persian Empire.

    Burial:Nectanebo's unused granite sarcophagus was found in a mosque at Alexandria, it is carved with texts from the Book of the Dead
    Successor:Persian king Artaxerxes 3
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