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  • ptolemy 3 Rule:Ptolemaic Dynasty: 246-222 BC
    Predecessor:Father Ptolemy 2 Philadelphus
    Mother:Arsinoe 1
    Praenomen:Throne name: Setepenre Sekhemankhenamun: Chosen of Ra, the living image of Amun
    Epithet:Euergetes: The benefactor
    Consorts:- He married Berenice 2, the daughter of his half-uncle Magus king of Cyrenaica, she had three children, one son Ptolemy 4, and two daughters Arsinoe 3, Berenice 3
    Capital City:Alexandria
    Reign:- He extended the Egyptian empire into the northern kingdom of Syria, this was commenced upon the murder of his eldest sister Berenice, he occupied Antioch and reached Babylon
    - Ptolemy 3 Euergetes had put up the first of the Rosetta Stone series, the Canopus Stone of 238 BC
    The stone contains decrees about priestly orders, and is a memorial for his daughter Berenice.
    But two of its 26 lines of hieroglyphs decree the use of a leap day added to the Egyptian calendar of 365 days, and the associated changes in festivals.
    This shows that Ptolemy 3 instituted an adjustment of the calendar to add a day every four years, a reform implemented two centuries later under Julius Caesar and known as the Julian calendar.
    - He continued to build at the temples begun by his father at the Island of Philae and began construction of the Edfu Temple in 237 BC and Esna Temple
    - The temple of Serapis (Serapeum), was built by Ptolemy 3.
    By all of the detailed descriptions, the Serapeum was the largest and most magnificent of all temples in the Greek quarter of Alexandria.
    Besides the image of the god, the temple precinct housed the second Library of Alexandria.
    This library was constructed in 235 BC, and Ptolemy 3 devoted much effort in expanding it.
    Successor:Son Ptolemy 4 Philopator out of Berenice 2
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