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  • Ramses 6 Rule:20th Dynasty: 1145-1137 BC
    Predecessor:- He seized power after deposing his predecessor and nephew Ramses 5 during a dynastic struggle
    Father:Ramses 3
    Mother:Isis Ta-Hemdjert
    Nomen:Birth name: Ramses: Ra Has Fashioned Him
    Praenomen:Throne name: Nebmaatre-Meryamun: The lord of justice is Ra, beloved of Amun
    Capital City:Avaris (Pi-Ramesse)
    Reign:- During his time Egypt was weak politically, economically, and administratively.
    Egyptian domination beyond the Nile Valley had become very limited, and Ramses 6 was the last ruler of the new Kingdom whose name is attested in the Sinai
    - He erected some small Statues in Bubastis, Coptos, Karnak, and Nubia
    Burial:- He was buried in the Valley of Kings KV9, which he usurped from his nephew Ramses 5 and enlarged.
    Decorations of his tomb are of inferior quality than those of the previous Pharaohs in his Dynasty, however these decorations provide the story of the Egyptian creation myth, and are the most complete in the Valley of the Kings.
    Shortly after his burial, his tomb was ransacked by tomb robbers who hacked his hands and feet in order to take his jewelry
    Ramses 6's tomb however protected Tutankhamen's tomb intact from tomb robbers since debris from its construction was dumped over the tomb entrance to Tutankhamen
    - Reburied in Deir el Bahri cache KV 35
    Successor:son Ramses 7 out of Nubchesbed
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