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  • Ramses 7 Rule:20th Dynasty: 1137-1130 BC
    Predecessor:Father Ramses 6
    Nomen:Birth name: Ra Has Fashioned Him
    Capital City:Avaris (Pi-Ramesse)
    Reign:- During his reign, Egypt experienced a period of steep inflation, grain prices apparently climbed to triple their former levels.
    - His weak reign witnessed the decline of Egyptian power and the weakening of central authority
    Burial:- He was buried in KV 1, unusually the sarcophagus was cut directly into the floor of the tomb, and a massive stone covering was placed over it.
    - His mummy has never been found
    Successor:- He had no known sons
    - He was succeeded by Ramses 8 the son of Ramses 3 out of Isis Ta-Hemdjert
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