• New Kingdom
  • Ramses 8

  • Rule: 20th Dynasty: 1130-1129 BC
    Predecessor:Ramses 7
    Father:Ramses 3
    Mother:Isis Ta-Hemdjert
    Nomen:Birth name: Ramses: Ra has fashioned him
    Praenomen:Throne name: Usermaatre-Akhenamun: Powerful is the justice of Ra, chosen of Ra, beloved of Amun
    Capital City:Avaris (Pi-Ramesse)
    Reign:- He was one of the last surviving sons of Ramses 3
    - His reign is almost undocumented, known only by his representation in the temple of Ramses 3 at Medinet Habu
    - He originally begun construction of KV 19, as noted on the reveals of the tomb's entrance jambs. However it soon became inadequate to his royal needs
    Burial:He is the only pharaoh of the 20th Dynasty whose tomb has not been definitely identified
    Successor:Ramses 9
    Wikipedia:Ramses 8