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  • Sanakhte Rule:Founder of 3rd Dynasty: 2650-2630 BC
    Predecessor:Father in law Khasekhemwy
    Horus name:Sanakhte: Strong protection
    Alternate Names:Nebka
    Consorts:He may have gained his position by marriage to Initkawes, the daughter of Khasekhemwy his predecessor
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- This pharaoh is only known by his Horus name of Sanakht attested on his monuments, his other names are unknown
    - Traditionally, Nebka/Sanakhte was considered the founder of the third Dynasty, but this has been questioned, since very few information is known of his reign.
    It is not clear whether he was the same person as Nebka, or indeed whether he is the founder of the 3rd Dynasty or a later ruler.
    - He began mineral exploitation in Sinai, involving turquoise and copper.
    His name has been found on a fragmentary relief in the Sinai in Wadi Maghara, where he is shown slaying a foe, indicating his military activity in the region.
    - A seal impression with the king's name was found in Elephantine. The inscription suggests that an administrative building connected to the pharaoh was located on the island, connected to a small step pyramid.
    - No statues of him has survived.
    Burial:- A large mastaba near Abydos in the necropolis of Bait Khallaf, contained fragments bearing the name and other skeletal remains
    It was once believed that this was the tomb of Sanakhte himself, but it is now thought to be that of one of his officials, Sanakhte's own tomb most likely location would be at Saqqara, west to the funerary complex of Zoser, where seal impressions bearing the name of Sanakhte /td>
    Successor:Brother Zoser