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  • Sekhemkhet Rule:3rd Dynasty: 2611-2603 BC
    Predecessor:Zoser - unknown relationship
    Nomen:Birth name: Sekhemkhet: Powerful in body
    Alternative Names:Djoserty
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- Very little is known about this king
    - He began construction in an unfinished step pyramid at Saqqara, it would have been an even larger pyramid than Zoser's had it been finished
    The pyramid itself was designed by Imhotep and showed signs of great care and planning in it's design.
    The ground was carefully leveled and chambers under the foundation of the pyramid 132 storerooms were constructed, however only the first step in the superstructure was completed at the time of the death of Sekhemkhet
    The floor in the main corridor leading into the pyramid was made of clay, and revealed hundreds of artifacts including smashed stone bowls, it is the oldest cache of golden jewelry found in Egypt.
    The greatest find was the sealed alabaster sarcophagus, which was found empty. The king might have died in a remote expedition, and his body was never recovered and buried.
    - South of the unfinished pyramid, a small mastaba was found containing a wooden coffin with the body of a young child, how may have been a son of Sekhemkhet
    - The only other attestation to Sekhemkhet is a relief of the Pharaoh was found Wadi Maghara in Sinai, where he is shown smiting his enemies with a mace.