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  • Senusret 1 Rule:12th Dynasty: 1971-1926 BC
    Predecessor:- He served as co-regent with his father Amenemhet 1 and ruled for 34 years following his father's death.
    Nomen:Birth name: Senusret: The man of the goddess Wosret
    Praenomen:Throne name: Kheperkare: The soul of Ra has manifested
    Capital City:Crocodilopolis
    Reign:- While he was prince, he took major campaigns in Syria, Nubia and Libya. it was while he was away from Egypt campaigning in Libya that news reached him that his father had been assassinated,
    - Senusret 1 then continued as sole Pharaoh of Egypt, he increased the power of the monarchy and increased Egypt's influence abroad using diplomacy when dealing with Palestine and Syria - (although he did send some military expeditions against the Libyans).
    - Peaceful domestic life and Senusret' firm government, gave stability to the country during his long reign
    - Quarries and mines were exploited throughout Egypt.
    - In Year 18 he started a campaign against Nubia in an effort to conquer and occupy these lands - up to and including the Third Cataract (and so were able to receive more gold, copper, diorite, granite and amethyst).

    Building Projects

    • Senusret was a prolific builder, he carried out building projects at over three dozen sites around Egypt.
    • During his reign, a series of 13 forts were built down to the Second Cataract.
    • In Year 3 he rebuilt the temple to Ra -Atum at Heliopolis
    • In Year 30 he again built at Heliopolis, this time he erected two 66ft red granite obelisks to celebrate his deed-festival - unfortunately all that remains from the entire temple site is a single obelisk (the earliest example in existence)
    • Senusret 1 gained a divine cult after his death- later legends would refer to his amazing deeds.
    Burial:- When he died, he was buried in his Middle kingdom Pyramid at el-Lisht in Fayum, about 1 mile south of his father's pyramid
    Successor:- He continued the policy first started by his father of naming his heir as co-regent: he took his son Amenemhet 2 out of Neferu, as co-ruler at least 3 years before his death
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