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  • Senusret 3 Rule:12th Dynasty: 1878-1839 BC
    Predecessor:Father Senusret 2
    Nomen:Birth name: Senusret: The man of the goddess Wosret
    Praenomen:Throne name: Khakaure: Appearing like the souls of Ra
    Capital City:Crocodilopolis
    Reign: Senusret 3 was more military active than his 12th Dynasty predecessors, although much of this activity was against Nubia rather than Egypt's more northerly neighbors. He was to attack Nubia in several occasions - Year 8, 12 and 15 especially, the Nubians had gradually moved pass the border of the 3rd Cataract, given impetus by the two previous Pharaohs' lack of military activity. In Year 8, to facilitate the speed of his fleet attacking Nubia, he repaired and widened a canal which bypassed the First Cataract of the Nile (this canal had originally been built in the Old Kingdom). On a seal at Semna
    Senusret 3 describes how he terrified the black people of Nubian and issued an Edict Against The Blacks
    Not only did Senusret 3 have to deal with his southern neighbors when he became Pharaoh - the old threat to the stability and power of the Pharaoh in the Middle Kingdom once more reared its head, the power of the Nobility.
    Earlier rulers in the 12th Dynasty had needed the help of the Nobility and so they had been granted and kept special privileges and ancient rights - things which were later to prove a constant threat to pharaonic power. It is not known how, but Senusret 3 finally brought an end to the nobility
    A new administration took full control over the internal government, he divided the country into 3 administrative departments - North, South and Head of the South ( Nubia ) all of which reported to the Pharaoh's Vizier), brought an end to great regional tombs of the Nobility - a major threat had finally gone.
    Money gained from his Nubian campaigns was re-directed into building works:
    1. statues of Senusret 3 were placed at the temple of Mentuhotep 2 at Deir el Bahri. A temple was built to Mont, a god of war at Medamud near Karnak.
    2. He built eight mud brick fortresses between Semna and Buhen
    Burial:- The Pyramid of Senusret 3 It is a large mud brick pyramid, covered with great slabs of limestone, with a number of underground galleries for the Pharaoh's family, its' height is 78.5 m, and length of Side 105m. It is the most northerly of the pyramids at Dahshur.
    The entrance to the burial chambers of the pyramid was placed outside on the western side. However all that remains of his burial is an empty granite sarcophagus.
    Successor:Son Amenemhet 3 out of Sebekshedti-Neferu
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