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  • Teos Rule:30th Dynasty: 362-360 BC
    Predecessor:Father Nectanebo 1
    Nomen:Birth name: Djedher Setep-en-inhur: Horus says he will live, chosen of Unuris
    Praenomen:Throne name: Irimaatenre: Carrying out the justice of Ra
    Capital City:Sebennytus - city in Delta
    Reign:- Teos ruled co-regent with his father Nectanebo 1 from 365 BC
    - The Persian Empire was divided and weak, Nectanebo had made plans to attack the Persians in Syria, however he died before accomplishing this task
    - As soon as Teos took over, he continued the plan to attack Syria, and recruited the assistance of Greek mercenaries headed by Agesilaus 2 of Sparta, and by the Athenian Chabrias commanded a navy of 200 ships
    - In order to pay for his plans he confiscated gold from temple treasuries, earning him the enmity of the clergy.
    Teos used the gold to mint coins for the first time in Egyptian history
    - He set out to Syria, leaving behind his brother Tjahapimu as governor of the country.
    However Tjahapimu betrayed him and proclaimed his own son Nectanebo 2 to the throne
    - This marked the failure of the Persian expedition, his own generals divided, and eventually he was deserted by both the Greeks and the Egyptians
    Agesilaus supported the young prince Nectanebo 2
    Chabrias and the navy remained faithful to their king, but eventually Athens recalled her commander in the summer of 362 BC, and Teos was left alone without support
    - Teos was forced to flee to Persia, the Persian king Artaxerxes (his formed opponent) granted him asylum, where he lived in exile until his death.
    Successor:- Nephew Nectanebo 2