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    The Egyptians cared about their appearance which indicated a persons status, role in a society or political significance.
    Clothes based on two elements:

    1. The wrapped kilt of men
    2. The sewed kalasaris ( a sewed sheath which developed into a shirt) of women, which by the New Kingdom, became incorporated into men's dress as well.



    Personal Care

    Ancient Clothing of Nobility

    Social Class Dynastic Period Images Clothing
    Male Noble Old Kingdom Old Kingdom Male Noble - Simple short kilt - white color
    - small necklace
    - short curled hair covering the ears
    - barefooted
    Male NobleMiddle Kingdom Middle Kingdom Male Noble - kilt lengthened
    - transparent overskirt
    - collars
    - barefooted
    Male NobleNew Kingdom New Kingdom Male Noble - Simplicity gone
    - Elaborate pleated garment
    - Use of color
    - embroidery
    - broad collars
    - kalasaris worn by men
    - leather sandals with extended toes
    - wig and perfumed cone
    - False beard where made of leather or metal, and reserved for the Pharaoh
    Female Noble Old and Middle Kingdoms Middle Kingdom Female Noble - Kalasaris - a simple transparent long dress
    - large wig
    - barefooted
    Female NobleNew Kingdom New Kingdom Female Noble - Elaborate gown
    - beaded yoke collar
    - Bracelets around the wrist
    - fluted transparent linen
    - cosmetics and Perfumes
    - wig and hair ornaments
    - kohl (a black dye) lines the eyebrows
    Priests All Periods Male priest long white robes with a strap over one shoulder
    - leopard skins
    - leopard skin sandals
    - clean shaven heads and body - hair was considered impure
    - Washed several times a day for purity.

    Ancient Peasants Clothing

    Social Class Dynastic Period Images Clothing
    Male Farmer Old Kingdom Old Kingdom male peasant - Short Kilt
    - short curled hair covering the ears
    - barefooted
    Male FarmerNew and Middle Kingdoms New Kingdom male peasant - Long Kilt
    - short hair with ears visible
    - barefooted
    Female PeasantsOld and Middle Kingdoms Middle Kingdom female peasant simple straight linen skirt, from under the breast
    - bare breasted
    - Short hair trimmed below the ears
    - barefooted
    Female PeasantsNew Kingdom New Kingdom female peasant long linen Kalasaris
    - long unplaited hair
    - jewelry and necklaces made of pottery beads
    - barefooted
    Children All Periods Children Naked until puberty
    - Head was shaved off except for a long lock of hair left on the side of the head, this s-shaped lock was depicted by the hieroglyphic symbol of a child or youth. Both girls and boys wore this style until the onset of puberty. Older boys often shaved their heads, while girls had ponytails hanging down the center of the back