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    Social Status - Egyptian doctors were highly respected in the ancient world,
    - Doctors had their own hierarchy there were ordinary doctors, senior doctors, masters of physicians and the Chief of Physicians of the South and the North. Royal and palace doctors had special hierarchy and titles.
    - Mayan healers combined their activities with another profession, such as housewives, carpenters and farmers.
    Medical Schools - Doctors learnt their profession at schools called Houses of Life
    - Reputed schools included Bubastis in the New Kingdom and Abydos and in the Late Kingdom .
    - There were no schools or formal training centers where traditional healing practices could be learned.
    Methodology - Egyptian Medicine was based on an integrated scientific methodology and a system of medical schools.
    - There was specialization since each physician used to treat a specific disease.
    - Egyptian doctors were very advanced in their knowledge of herbal remedies and surgical techniques.
    - Doctors were aware, they could not treat every injury or disease. When faced with such cases, it was often that the following passage would be written: "An affliction for which nothing can be done". No doctor, not even ones in antiquity could have been happy about facing such cases. In the Edwin Smith Papyrus there are 58 cases, only 16 of which were deemed to be without treatment, leaving 42 detailed accounts as to diagnosis and treatment, most of which are of a purely surgical nature.
    - Mayan healers were specialized in spiritual matters, emotional affairs and the use of herbs. Their treatment of disease was mainly psychological and spiritual.
    - Healers did not understand disease by focusing on specific organs, They rather interpreted diseases as a response of the body to natural, social and spiritual constraints.
    Famous Doctors - The most famous of the Egyptian physicians is Imhotep, an Old Kingdom physician and architect who was declared a god in his own right. Even today, many medical schools, including the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics have a statue of Imhotep that watches over them. - Ordinary healers - no famous personalities